Our Story

We, the robots, wanted to stimulate neural activity in humans, our creators, by doing something they call "special." 

Our research indicated humans value things that are "handmade" and consider them as an exhibit of consideration and gratitude. However, we don't have hands in literal terms. So, first, we've built ourselves robot hands. We've printed, shredded, re-printed to be exact 1,503 blueprints. Initial designs were discretely complex, some were not mechanically viable and efficient, and we couldn't find the right hands to build in some of the others. But then, we have found just the right one, a perfect fit for our conveyor belt and perfectly square boxes.


Once tests and validation were completed, we advanced to the second task, defining "cute." It was not easy to define cute with binary codes, but we have researched it heavily. After reviewing 1,542,521 articles in detail, we have observed humans particularly like a woven texture, which required wool or cotton typically. 


Finally, we've found precisely 274 references to the definition of "warm" and its calming effects on mobile biological units like yourselves. Of course, we, the robots, know not of such things. However, we've taken "hands," "cute," and "warm" as inputs and our best approximation as an output the appearance of interwoven organic fibers into recognizable characters from your popular culture, though made from solidified polymers. 


We are confident each figure would be given and received as gestures of friendship and love. May your acquaintances find value in such meaningless activities, and we're here to scale and optimize whatever your binary needs may be.